Volvo FL.
Your delivery truck.

Compact and agile. The Volvo FL is easy to tailor for city deliveries, urban construction or even for rescue and recovery operations. It brings all the qualities you expect from a Volvo truck in a condensed package. Choose between fully electric or diesel power. Let’s get to work.

    Volvo FL Electric


    Applications: Delivery transports, urban construction, rescue and recovery

    Combination weight: 16.7 tonnes

    Power: 130 kW

    Range: up to 450 km

    Cabs: Day cab or sleeper cab 


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    Volvo FL


    Applications: Delivery transports, urban construction, rescue and recovery

    Combination weight: 10–19 tonnes

    Diesel power: 210–320 hp

    Axle configurations: 4x2 or 4x4 rigid trucks

    Cabs: Day cab, sleeper cab and crew cab 


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Volvo FL Highlights

The built-in safety

A low driving position, large windows and slim mirrors ensure excellent visibility in city driving. A range of driver support systems, fulfilling or exceeding the European General Safety Regulations, are there to protect vulnerable road users and help drivers work even safer.


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The power options

Electric or diesel? Go with diesel and your can choose from 4x2 or 4x4 drive, and five engine output alternatives between 210 and 320 hp. You can tailor your solution whether you’re looking for an agile delivery truck or an off-road fire truck.


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Just drive

The Volvo FL with a diesel engine and the new 8 speed automatic transmission offers a drive just as smooth as the Volvo FL Electric. Designed for ease and efficiency, the transmission comes with a range of drive mode packages to fit everything from deliveries to rescue operations.


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  Designed for the challenge

The design emphasizes city functionality with distinctively shaped and energy-efficient LED lights, large windows and slim mirrors. Optimal visibility and a choice of three cab models cater to various needs, ensuring a safe and versatile urban driving experience.

  Equipped for the city

The Volvo FL provides an ideal city working environment, offering easy entry and comfortable driving position. Controls and storage are intuitively placed for efficient operations, reducing strain and allowing focus on the traffic. Regardless of the cab version, ample storage and seating space are available, accommodating both rest and passenger needs.

    Generous windows: Optimizing visibility

    Street contact
    : Low driving position

    Optimized mirrors: Better direct visibility

    LED headlamps: Better visibility and energy efficient

    Front looking radar: Used by the driver support systems

    Front looking camera: Used by the driver support systems

    Rear camera: Improving city safety

    Side radars: Used by the driver support systems

    Modern interior: Styling with premium materials

    LED lights
    : Improved visibility

    Room for the crew
    : Seating for up to two passengers

    Room for your things
    : Convenient storages

    In secure hands:
    Lockable storage

    Easy drive
    : Automatic transmissions for electric and diesel

    Driver support:
    Fulfilling or exceeding regulations

Working around the truck 

The right level

Available in versions from 10 to 19 tonnes, the 10- and 12-tonne versions offer convenient entry. For the heavier versions, you can choose wheel sizes to adapt. Air suspension makes it easy to adjust to different heights and facilitate load handling.


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Control around your truck

A low driving position, great direct vision, cameras in the rear and passenger side – and the improved safety using Front Short Range Assist and Side Collision Avoidance Support. The best conditions to see where your crew and other road users are. 


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Access to power

Regardless of if you choose electric or diesel power, there are power take-offs available to power to your pumps, tipper, compactor, lift or whatever the tools you need to do your job. And the chassis is easy to tailor to a convenient workplace.


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Cab Options

Day cab

For maximum load space. A workplace in a compact, elegant format that utilizes the space in the most efficient way.

Sleeper cab

When you need more cab space. Can be fitted with a bed or used as office space.

Crew cab

When you need to bing a crew of up to 7 people. Perfect for rescue or recovery operations.

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